When life gives you onions: Crowd plunders crashed truck, ignoring injured Indian driver (VIDEO) An onion-laden truck fell off an elevated highway in western India, spilling its load. But while the injured truck driver was reportedly lying unattended, locals flocked to the site to ransack the cargo, disrupting traffic.

The incident took place on the Pune-Mumbai highway outside the western Indian town of Lonavla earlier this week. The driver of the onion-filled truck lost control of his vehicle and fell at least nine meters (30 feet) off the elevated road.

Shocking footage from the scene has since emerged, showing how locals and fellow motorists rushed to the scene – not to help the critically injured driver, but to plunder the spilled cargo, local media .

Videos show people with sacks flocking to the location to steal the spilled onions. Some looters appear to be quite picky, as they search through the onion pile to get only the best of the crop.

The incident and looting that followed disrupted traffic, forcing police to close the road for around an hour due to “security concerns.” The driver managed to survive the crash, and was eventually taken to a local hospital.

Law enforcement will now consider filing a criminal case against “unidentified persons” over the stolen onions.

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