What a blast! 5,000 foot bridge reduced to rubble within seconds (VIDEO) Mind-blowing footage shows the moment a 5,000 foot bridge was reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds during a controlled explosion in east China.

The 23 year-old multi-lane Ji’an Ganjiang bridge which spanned across the Gan river in the Jiangxi province was blown up Friday in spectacular fashion to make way for a new structure.

Video shows the bridge dissipate into the water within seconds of a loud bang, leaving behind a massive cloud of smoke and debris.

The bridge was sealed off and rigged with several tonnes of explosives before the detonation button was pressed just after 10 am.

The Ji’an Ganjiang Bridge opened to traffic in December 1995, however due to a growing population it was no longer considered adequate to meet the needs of residents. A new bridge is set to open in June 2021.

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