Weight of History: 65yo ‘fascist’ suffers leg break attempting to vandalize anti-fascist monument In a glorious example of swift justice, a 65-year-old man has been hospitalized after a botched attempt to topple a monument of Yugoslav anti-fascist martyr Rade Končar caused the statue to fall on him and break his leg.

The shattered limb isn’t the only punishment the man will receive for the act of “savage vandalism,” according to the police. He will also be hit with a fine, and possibly even jail time after being released from the hospital. Meanwhile, the statue has been restored to its full glory.

Končar fought against the Nazi-backed Ustaše regime during the second World War, but was eventually ambushed and killed by firing squad. After his death, he became a resistance symbol and he remains a figure of national pride for many Croatians.

Croatian politician Krešo Beljak mockingly tweeted that “Rade Končar breaks the legs of fascists 76 years after they shot him.”

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