‘Threat’ from rivals? Pig heads with knives found at doorstep of Moscow lawmaker (PHOTO) A municipal deputy has found herself on the receiving end of apparent mafia-style intimidation, after a pig head was left on her doorstep and that of her mother’s. She alleges the swine parts are a “threat” from her rivals.

Nadezhda Zagordan, a deputy for Moscow district of Izmailovo, the pig’s head on the doorstep of her apartment late on Tuesday. The head had a note, reading ’21,’ stuck to it with a knife.

Another swine head was placed on the doorstep of Zagordan’s mother. That one had note reading ’72.’ The meaning of the notes remains unclear.

Zagordan alleged that the heads are a threat, linked to her work with the municipality. The deputy has been supervising building contracts for community lots in the district. She has also been fighting alleged corruption in the district for years before being elected as a municipal deputy.

This summer, Zagordan’s car was damaged and doused with corrosive fluid. The vehicle was damaged beyond repair and sold for spares, according to the deputy. She claims that police were reluctant to investigate the incident and did not even test the liquid.

“It seems everyone is waiting for human casualties,” Zagordan stated in a Facebook post following the swine incident. She urged users to spread the information for everyone to see the “path from threats to a crime.” No official information on the incident has been released by police so far.

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