Super Typhoon Trami: Epic scale of ‘unstoppable’ storm as seen from space (PHOTOS) Jaw-dropping photos of Super Typhoon Trami have been captured by astronaut Alexander Gerst from his unique vantage point high above the earth, aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The breathtaking photos show the intensity of the storm as it churns in the West Pacific en route for Japan and Taiwan. “As if somebody pulled the planet‘s gigantic plug,” was how Gerst described the incredible images of clouds swirling against the backdrop of the deep blue ocean.

“Staring down the eye of yet another fierce storm. Category 5 Super Typhoon Trami is unstoppable and heading for Japan and Taiwan,” he added.

Although the typhoon has since lost some of its , weakening in magnitude and losing its super typhoon status, it still poses a threat to northern and central Taiwan, as well as Japan‘s Ryukyu Islands.

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