Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says the way for conservatives to deal with the blatant censorship from social media companies is to use antitrust laws.

Not net neutrality, he said in response to a caller who suggested that.

“I think the way to go after these clowns is antitrust, but not net neutrality,” he said.

“I don’t want to get one more call here from anybody who thinks the way to fix this is to throw regulation to the government and say, we conservatives are getting an unfair shake, and we want you to take care of it, Uncle Sam.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong say to go about it.”

He said the antitrust laws were how the gigantic oil companies of old were “busted up.”

Also the old telephone monopolies.

Some of the social media companies, in fact, are acting as monopolies.

Even if there are small companies that offer some of their services.

After all, Google as become a verb in the English language, as in “googling” something.

And who is providing competition to Facebook?

“It’s obvious that the social engine, social media purveyors – the Zuckerbergs and the Google guys and Jack Dorsey at Twitter – are only gonna provide lip service to this. In fact, they’re gonna deny what we know is happening is happening. They’re just gonna say, ‘It isn’t true. I mean, we’ve taken all kinds of steps and made all kinds of changes to our algorithms to make sure that this doesn’t happen,’ while it, in fact, does continue to happen,” he said.

He described the situation as he sees it: “Facebook is simply eliminating as often and as many places as they can anything conservative. From their news feed, if you are a poster at Facebook and you post things you want people to read, if you link to a conservative website or news story, Facebook finds a way to make sure your post doesn’t reach your followers. Same thing with Twitter basically.

“Google, it’s search results. You put in a name, put me in there, put ‘Trump’ in there, you’re gonna find the first two to three pages nothing but liberal bilge and drivel in the search results. It may take two or three pages to find a conservative website, and it may be an obscure one at that. If you put in the word, if you search for ‘hate groups,’ you will not find a liberal group mentioned in the first 10 pages, for example. And so people are outraged by this and trying to figure out what to do about it,” he said.

“Well, my purpose here is to not to make people mad, but for crying out loud, we knew who Zuckerberg was before he knew who he was! We knew what Facebook was just by virtue of the people helping him set up. We’ve known the Google guys, for crying out freaking loud, had an office in the Obama White House for eight years. We know who these people are. Why in the world depend on ’em?

After antitrust?

“The free market here is the answer. The free market is the long-term answer. If the platforms that are out there are not suitable, are not fair, and in fact are harmful, then don’t use them. Establish your own. It can be done. The evidence is there each and every day.”

He said the reasoning behind leftists who want to impose their standards on the web is simple.

“The reason the left wanted to get their hands on it was how fast it was growing, how many people were using it and how much conservatism was available on it. The left was panicking. Net neutrality was a stealth philosophy and idea to limit and damage conservatism at the internet service provider level, not Silicon Valley company content people.”