MOSCOW, AUGUST 21— RT’s international, historical social media re-enactment project #1917LIVE, dedicated to the centennial of the Russian Revolution, took home gold at the awards established by the top US advertising trade magazine – Adweek. The book won ‘Media: Print Invention’ at the Project Isaac Awards — a competition honoring innovation and creativity in marketing.

Kirill Karnovich-Valua, author of the concept, said, “this is our second Adweek Award this year and it’s a great honor to us – Adweek is one of the leading and most popular publications in the industry and their awards always have a very strong judging panel.”

The #1917LIVE: The Russian Revolution in Tweets book took first place in the ‘Media: Print Invention’ category. The book is the final chapter of RT’s #1917LIVE – a large-scale historical re-enactment of the events that happened in Russia in 1917, with Twitter acting as a platform for the project. The book’s pages contain QR codes that readers can scan with a smartphone to access online content featured in the project.

In January 2018, RT’s #1917LIVE took gold at the prestigious Adweek ARC Awards, which honors the most innovative advertising and media projects. RT is the first Russian brand that has ever won in any of the award’s categories.

RT’s #1917LIVE project is one of the biggest-ever historical re-enactments on Twitter. Dozens of Twitter accounts were set up as key historical characters of the period, from the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin, to common workers and soldiers, tweeting events from 100 years ago in real-time. Historians from the US and UK took part in the project, as well as world-renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.

The project received more than 20 Russian and international awards, including the 2018 Webby People’s Voice Award. At the Shorty Social Good Awards, the project won the ‘Best in Education’ award and took gold for ‘Best Overall Twitter Presence’.

The Adweek ARC Awards honors innovation and creativity in marketing over the course of the past year across 34 categories. The awards are managed by Adweek, a weekly print magazine and website that offers cutting-edge insights into the world of marketing and advertising. The jury includes representatives of leading international brands, such as BBDO, Bloomberg Media Group, Havas Media, and others.