Prominent Vox editor defends Antifa siege of Tucker Carlson, then deletes ALL tweets After far-left protesters harassed Fox News host Tucker Carlson‘s family in an incident now being investigated as a potential hate crime, a Vox writer defended the intimidation – and then ate his words. All of them.

Matt Yglesias, prominent editor of Vox, tweeted in support of Smash Racism DC, an Antifa group whose members swarmed Carlson‘s front yard and carried signs with his home address written on them in retaliation for Carlson‘s supposed role in “spreading fear.”

Writing as if the only reason anyone could have for opposing the protesters‘ actions was that they didn‘t understand the intent behind them, Yglesias said scaring the Fox host‘s wife into hiding was an OK thing to do – just bad tactics.

The response from social media was swift and vicious, and Yglesias – who has over 414,000 followers – has now deleted all his tweets.

The Antifa group Smash Racism, known for harassing their political opponents in public, encircled Carlson‘s house late Wednesday night, chanting “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.” While Carlson was not home – he was preparing to go on the air – his wife was, and she locked herself in the pantry out of fear of the angry mob outside. 

While it‘s uncertain why he deleted his tweets, and whether it was because of the backlash, or anticipation thereof, Twitter wasted no time in speculating…

…and offering advice.