Shares of Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI) currently have an average target price of $20.78. This is the consensus number using estimates provided by polled analysts. Street analysts often give price target projections on stocks that they track.  Price target projections can be calculated using a variety of methods.  Many investors will follow stock target prices, especially when analysts make revisions. A thorough research report will typically provide detailed reasoning for a certain target projection. Some investors may watch sell-side targets very closely and use the information to assist with their own stock analysis.

At some point in time, traders may have to deal with the overconfidence issue when dealing with the market. Traders may have times when they go on runs where everything works out. This may cause the individual to become overconfident in their ability and possibly lead to uninformed decisions late on. When the good times are rolling, it can be easy to think that the winners are a direct result of skill. This may be true, but if this is incorrect, it can lead to portfolio damage in the future. Having is long string of winning trades is a great thing, but markets can be cruel and have the ability to turn very quickly. Approaching every trade with the same research and examination may help the trader to make better decisions when a string of trades eventually go the wrong way.

Taking a quick look at analyst opinions, we can see that the current average broker recommendation on shares of Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI) is presently 3. Out of the covering analysts polled by Zacks Research, 1 have put a Strong Buy or Buy rating on the stock. 

As earnings season comes into focus, investors will be closely tracking sell-side estimates. According to analysts polled by Zacks Research, the current quarter EPS consensus estimate is currently sitting at 0.84 for shares of Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI). The number consists of estimates provided by 5 contributing analysts. For the last reporting period, the company posted a quarterly EPS of 0.61. The consensus estimate for last quarter before the earnings report was 0.53. Looking out further to the next quarter EPS estimate, the consensus is currently resting at 0.86. This consensus estimate includes 5 analysts taken into consideration by Zacks. Shifting the focus to the current fiscal year EPS estimate, the number is currently 2.73. Widening the gaze to the next fiscal year, we can see that the consensus EPS estimate is presently 2.94.

Checking in on stock price activity for Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI), we have recently seen shares trading near the $19.05 mark. Investors will often track the current stock price in relation to its 52-week high and low levels. The 52-week high is currently $21.83, and the 52-week low is presently $15.67. When the current stock price is trading close to either the 52-week high or 52-week low, investors may pay closer attention to see if there will be a breakthrough that level. Over the past 12 weeks, the stock has seen a change of 5.66%. Going back to the start of the calendar year, we can see that shares have moved 10.5%. Pulling the focus closer to the past 4 weeks, shares have seen a change of -6.62%. Over the past 5 trading days, the stock has moved -0.78%.

Investors will be closely tracking the equity market as we charge through the last couple of months of the year. They may be doing a review of the portfolio to see what moves have worked and which ones haven’t. Reviewing specific holdings and past entry and exit points may help the investor develop new ideas to trade on in the future. Staying on top of market happenings and the economic landscape can be a challenge. Investors will be closely following the action over the next quarter to help gauge whether the bulls will stay out front, or if the bears will take the lead.