Apparently, mocking a regional accent soon could become a crime in France,

And that, itself, has prompted a round of mockery.

“Why Speaking Like Pepé Le Pew May Soon Be a Crime in France”

He was referring to the aristocratic cartoon skunk who always seemed to be chasing love from black cats with a white stripe.

Miltimore said French parliamentarian Laetitia Avia has proposed a bill to designate mocking a regional accent prohibited discrimination.

The idea arose after former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, a Socialist Party member, mocked a journalist’s accent by asking if someone else had a question in “understandable French.”

Miltimore pointed out that while the idea may prompt chuckles in many parts of the world, “it fits into Europe’s approach to free speech in recent years.”

With no First Amendment, there have been multiple moves in Europe to ban “hate speech,” with “hate” sometimes not even defined.

“Many European (and other) nations – among them France, Canada, Germany, Spain, and the UK – have used the ‘hate speech’ umbrella to suppress political speech,” he wrote.