Look up in the sky! It‘s a bird… It’s a helicopter, carrying a military jet (VIDEO) A MI-26 helicopter was spotted in the air above Saint Petersburg with a very unexpected cargo as the sturdy chopper was carrying … a massive military fighter jet.

The footage of the unusual sighting was posted by several users on social media. Russia’s Channel 1 later said that the transported plane was actually a Su-27 air superiority fighter jet.

The commentators online joked that “the jet must’ve simply run out of fuel and was lifted to the nearest petrol station by the helicopter” and that the pigeons, which were also in the footage, must’ve been “in shock” after witnessing such a display. 

The MI-26 has been an essential part of Russian military and civil aviation since the 1980s. It’s currently the largest helicopter in the world, boasting an impressive weight-lift of almost 15 tons.

It has been widely used in construction, humanitarian and rescue operations. Back in 2009, the Russian chopper evacuated two American Chinook CH-47 helicopters, after they were downed in Afghanistan.

Last week, Muscovites were also baffled by a helicopter with strange cargo. A Mi-8 chopper, which took off from the Kremlin, had armed troops dangling in a net suspended from the aircraft. There were no official statements on the occurance, but a security source said that the flyby was part of a drill.

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