There’s a case in Alabama that’s not too different from the old street fighter’s feeble excuse that someone used his face to strike his fist.

A pro-life activist has been cleared of charges of using his head to destroy an abortion promoter’s umbrella.

the judge in the case against pro-life advocate Daniel French found French not guilty of the “absurd” charge of destroying an umbrella.

It happened in municipal court in Montgomery.

“The city of Montgomery prosecuted Daniel French for destruction of property, after an abortion facility escort manager had him arrested, claiming that he was responsible for breaking a $25 umbrella,” the legal team reported.

In fact, the umbrella was destroyed when “an angry abortion clinic escort smashed it over Daniel’s head.”

Samuel McLure, special counsel for the society, said: “We are pleased that Daniel was vindicated. The entire situation was ludicrous. Daniel and Valarie were peacefully offering life-affirming alternatives, as they regularly did, outside of Montgomery’s only abortion facility.

“An angry abortion clinic volunteer assaulted Valarie, and as her husband came to her rescue, the man turned his attack on Daniel. Then the woman who coordinates the abortion clinic escorts had the police arrest Daniel.”

It happened May 18 at Reproductive Health Services on South Perry Street in Montgomery.

“The abortion clinic deploys a squadron of volunteers as escorts who carry umbrellas. They deliberately place themselves between abortion-bound women and the pro-life sidewalk counselors who offer support and information on alternatives to abortion and pray with those women who are willing to talk,” the report said.

“Travis Jackson, an abortion clinic escort whose problematic misbehavior was well known, was volunteering the morning of May 18. His virulent hatred for the pro-life movement was well-documented on social media.”

He previously had hurled vulgar and sexually harassing threats at Valarie French and other pro-life advocates, and he did it again on May 18.

But after making vulgar sexual gestures toward Valarie French, she suggested his obscenities negated his claim of “championing women’s rights,” and he lost control.

“He charged toward her waving the umbrella as a weapon, apparently intent on physical assault. Daniel French, who was recording the incident on his phone, stepped toward Jackson, deflecting the umbrella with his hand, shouting, ‘Don’t you do that to my wife!’ With Daniel’s phone still recording, Jackson quickly raised the umbrella and brought it crashing down on Daniel’s head, destroying the umbrella,” the society said.

The abortionists then had police arrest French for destroying the umbrella with the blow from his head.

When French’s video was revealed in court, showing that he was the victim of assault, the judge ended the case.