(YNET NEWS) – 12,000 Christians who fled from Iraq to Jordan because of ISIS were saved from death, but were left destitute. Help came from Israel, through The Fellowship. Rabbi Eckstein, president of The Fellowship, was asked to hide his kippah and remove the word ‘Jews’ from the sign at the medical clinic, but he is certain this is the bridge to peace: ‘In the end, everyone will know that the aid comes from Israel.’

Carlos Barbar will never forget the moment he was saved from execution in the “Valley of Death” near Mosul, Iraq. On August 6, 2014, ISIS took control of his village Batnaya. The neighbors managed to flee, but Carlos’ father wasn’t able to walk and the family didn’t have a car. The ISIS terrorists demanded that they decide whether to convert to Islam, pay huge fines or leave. Carlos asked his brother to leave, while he stayed behind to protect his parents.

One of the ISIS terrorists ripped the cross from his neck, threw it on the floor and demanded that he step on it. “I told him, ‘I’ll put my foot on your neck, but never on the cross. I have my God and he’s also your God,‘” Carlos recalls.