Iran has announced its endorsement of the #MeToo movement, and has offered a solution to the problem of sexual assault that triggered it.

Wait, that might not be the solution feminists are demanding.

Nevertheless, the social media account for has stated, “The disaster of countless sexual assaults on Western women – including incidents leading to #MeToo campaign – and Islam’s proposal to revolve it…”

Included is a video that features images of #MeToo marches and #MeToo claims by women including celebrities.

Among those is Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The solution?

The video explains, “By introducing the hijab, Islam has shut the door on a path that would pull women towards such deviation.”

Simply, it says, “Islam does not allow this (sexual violence).”

Among the comments was one that Iranian officials probably don’t want to discuss, that the age of marriage there is 9-13, which “Lou” described as “tantamount to legalized pedophilia.”

But an analysis at pointed out back in 2012, the ayatollah “claimed the restrictive covering actually makes women feel more valuable.”

Back then the statement was, “In spite of the dim-witted and superficial propaganda campaigns of materialistic people, hijab does not shackle women. By ignoring hijab and failing to cover what Allah the Exalted has asked them to cover, women undermine their own dignity and value. Hijab brings about dignity. It makes women more valuable. It increases women’s dignity and respect. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate hijab and to be thankful to Islam for emphasizing hijab. Hijab is among the blessings of God.”

“Khamenei’s ridiculous and condescending solution for the west’s #MeToo movement was shredded on social media,” the report said.

For example, Yitzhak Santis wrote, “Forcing women to wear hijab by law is fascistic and dictatorial. In Iran women are arrested for refusing to wear hijab, or stoned to death for the ‘crime’ of adulutry…”

Faranak Amidi said, “U threaten women and jail them u oppress them and then salute yourself for not having any such protests?”