Hollywood celebrities took to social media Friday to applaud and praise Barack Obama’s politically charged speech in front of students at the University of Illinois, in which he hammered away at President Donald Trump and his political agenda.

“Just a glance at recent headlines should tell you that this really is different,” Obama about the current political climate, calling this a “dark” period in American history.

“Out of this political darkness, I’m seeing a great awakening,” Obama , imploring the crowd of young people to get politically involved ahead of the November midterms, calling it the “most important” election in their lifetime.
The former president’s speech, one he said he’d never give after leaving the White House, was well received among the many celebrities who have launched a full-fledged resistance to Trump’s presidency.

“It would be nice to have a president who thinks before they speak, who brings people together instead of dividing them, who values children’s lives and the institution of families—by not ever tearing them apart,” Chelsea Handler wrote. “A president who isnt a bully and a racist. A person with dignity.”

“Anytime you start to lose hope, listen to this speech in its entirety,” Captain America star Chris Evens gushed.

“For Americans who love this country and care about the future of our 242 years of Democratic self rule, it is imperative to watch President Obama’s speech in Illinois today,” director and regular Trump-basher Rob Reiner tweeted. “He spoke of the America we all want. Inclusive, Fair, & Just. And how to achieve that? VOTE!!!”

Comedian Kathy Griffin summed up the celebrity sentiment over Obama’s speech succinctly, saying, “I love him.”

Below is a roundup of the fawning sycophant celebrity screeds in response to Obama’s speech.