Granny Chef: World’s oldest YouTuber and Indian food guru dies aged 107 Over a million of her YouTube followers are mourning the passing of the 107-year-old Indian grandma, admired for her unique authentic cooking skills that required neither stove nor cookware.

Mastanamma, dubbed the world’s oldest YouTuber, became an Internet sensation after her grandson created a channel to share her traditional cooking with the world. No recipe was beyond her, be it meat, fish, vegetables or even snails, and she would cook it all from scratch.

She didn’t even need a kitchen or much in the way of cooking utensils. She created her dishes in the midst of nature on an open fire in a remote village in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, peeling fruit and vegetables with her own fingers. The nana’s food would then be served on a banana leaf, as is typical in southern India.

Watermelon chicken curry and duck biryani were among the mouth-watering recipes which went viral. But there were many others: naans, samosa, soups, seafood and so much more. All the ingredients were, of course, locally sourced.

The granny earnt the admiration of followers from all over the world for her genuine love of Indian food and knowledge of traditional cooking.

The tiny nana told the last year that even though she had no birth certificate to prove her age, she believed she was 106.

Her death was announced via a video posted to her YouTube channel by her family, showing the woman lying in a beautifully decorated coffin.

The granny’s fans flocked to social media to express their condolences and hail “the lady with the toothless smile.”

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