Goat shreds Serbian family’s 20k EURO fortune, gets FED to reporters in REVENGE A family of farmers in central Serbia found its entire savings wiped out by a hungry goat. With their dreams of expanding the farm shredded, they took their revenge by serving the goat to journalists for lunch.

The Simic family from Ranilovic, a village near Arandjelovac in central Serbia, was saving to buy 10 hectares of land and expand their family farm. Everything was going well, they say, until they left the money on the table before meeting with the seller, and forgot to lock the front door.

“We got up early and counted the money, because the man we wanted to buy from was supposed to come. We put the money on the living room table, so we could sign the contract and pay the man, and went to the dining room to have breakfast,” Milena Simic told , the local news portal.

“My father-in-law went outside to feed the cattle, like every morning, but he did not notice he’d left the front door open,” she added. “That was the cause of our misfortune.”

One of the goats that the family has owned for a couple of years, Belka (“Whitey”) entered the house through the open door and began to eat the money off the table.

“When we heard the noise, my husband got up to check and almost had a heart attack. Belka ate almost all the money! Only 300 euros or so was left, the rest was eaten or shredded,” Milena explained through tears.

“Belka brought us [to] ruin,” Milena said, adding that her husband has not spoken a word since, choosing to sit and stare at the wall all day.

As Milena Simic was telling the story to the local reporters, Belka was turning over the fire pit. The Simic family decided to cope with the loss by throwing a feast featuring the cause of their misfortune as the main course, and invited the reporters to stay for the meal.

“It was very tasty,” reported Arandjelovac Info.

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