Gang raped & tattooed with swastikas: 2-month long sex attack sparks mass protest in Morocco (VIDEO) News that a 17-year-old girl was gang raped, tattooed with swastikas and held captive for two months has sparked outrage in Morocco – a country where sexual violence against women continues to be a problem.

More than 15,000 people have signed a petition demanding the government provide support for the victim, and the hashtag ‘we are all Khadija’ has been launched to bring further attention to her case.  

A , which was aired on local TV channel Chouf, shows the victim Khadija recounting how she had been held captive in the town of Oulad Ayad in the center of the country for two months after being abducted in mid-June. Authorities only became aware of her ordeal when she was released by the gang.

Images of the victim’s body show an array of crudely drawn tattoos all over her limbs, including graffiti-style lettering, doodles and a swastika on her right hand. She also suffered cigarette burns on her body.

The girl said she tried to escape her captors, but each time she was caught and then tortured, Morocco World News . “They didn’t give me food or drink, and I was not even allowed to take a shower.” she said.

“I want justice to be done and [for them] to pay for what they have done to me,” she said. “For how many women who, for fear of this shame, continue to keep quiet?”

According to the victim’s father, three suspects have been arrested and a trial will begin on September 6.

Morocco passed Law no 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence Against Women in February, which takes aim at physical, sexual and psychological violence against women, including harassment but it has been criticized for failing to do enough to address the issue.

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