WASHINGTON – When Franklin Graham agreed to endorse “The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament,” by Joseph Farah, which ships to bookstores in hardcover this week, he also recommended the book be included in the Billy Graham Library in North Carolina – a prestigious achievement and a first for Farah.

“I had to have my wife pinch me when Mr. Graham provided a wonderful endorsement, but when his assistant mentioned the recommendation to the library, I thought I was dreaming,” said Farah. “I just found out the order was received by WND Books last week.”

Graham provided what became the cover endorsement of dozens of Christian scholars, pastors and luminaries.

“This project is the most important one I’ve ever been involved in – from running daily newspapers in major markets, from starting the first independent online news organization more than 20 years ago, from collaborating with Rush Limbaugh, to writing more than a dozen other books and producing the biggest selling faith film of 2012 and 2013,” said Farah. “Normally I don’t ask more than a few people to endorse my books. This one was different because I was sure people would say, ‘Why is Farah writing that book?‘”

He didn’t know what to expect. To date, some of those who answered the call include Graham, Mike Huckabee, Greg Laurie, Jack Van Impe, Eric Metaxas, Chuck Norris, Pat Boone, Jonathan Bernis, Dinesh D’Souza, David Barton, Michael Brown, Michael Farris, Sid Roth, David Limbaugh, Ray Comfort and Ben Kinchlow, among others.

The book was the

“I believe this book will be in print for a long time, because it will never go out of date,” said Farah. “The subject matter doesn’t change. And, most importantly, I suspect it will afford many an opportunity to study the Old Testament in a way they never considered before. There have been books done before on Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures, foreshadows of the Lord, Christophanies, etc. But the reason I did this book is because I couldn’t find one that had actually located the Gospel in all 39 books. That, to me, demonstrates the Bible is a fully integrated, singular, cohesive, miraculous messaging system outside of space and time.”

Farah has never been to the Billy Graham Library, though he had the opportunity to count it a privilege to interview him more than 40 years ago, getting to spend several hours with the most well-known Christian evangelist.”

“I can honestly say that he was the most humble and friendly man I ever met,” Farah says. “Just so down to earth, I’ll never forget it.”

“The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament” is not just another book, it’s also a cause for Farah. He believes it has the potential to “promote the Kingdom and the Gospel more than anything previously in my life.” In addition, he says, he believes the success of the book can help lead WND back to where it was in 2016 before Google, Facebook, YouTube and what Farah calls “the Speech Code Cartel” launched a fearsome attack on independent media they believed were responsible for the “surprise” victory of President Trump.

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