Failed mugger left in tears after woman hits him with unexpected jiu-jitsu move (VIDEO) A mugger got far more than he bargained for when he demanded that Brazilian woman Sabrina Leite handover her phone. The hapless thief was left in tears when the jiu-jitsu fighter clamped his arm into a hold and summoned the cops.

The satisfying case of instant justice took place in the Jorge Teixeira neighborhood of Manaus in northwestern Brazil.

The failed robber, who has been identified as Magdeel da Silva, arrived with an accomplice and hopped off a motorbike outside Leite’s house and ordered her to give him her phone.

The quick thinking 22-year-old threw the device into her house and then flipped the script by chasing down da Silva.

“I could feel they didn‘t have any [weapons], they just arrived saying ‘pass the phone,’” she to local news outlet GI.

I saw they didn‘t have anything and that‘s why I reacted. If they had been armed I would never have reacted.

Realising that they had bitten off more than they could chew the robbers quickly turned and fled however Sabrina’s neighbor used a car to chase them down and then the jiu-jitsu fighter got to work.

Explaining her takedown method she said: “I ran and immobilised him with a sleeper hold, I lay on the ground and put him in an arm lock.”

Video footage of the incident shows Sabrina lying on top of a da Silva whose arm is trapped in a lock between her legs. When she wrenches the limb the suspected thief can be heard screaming in pain as amused onlookers watch.

Sabrina subdued da Silva and held on to him for 20 minutes until the police arrived.

Amazingly the ferocious fighter is still only a jiu-jitsu novice according to the sport’s ranking system. “It‘s all a question of technique,” she explained. “I have been training for four years, I‘m still a white belt. Ranking and belts don‘t matter to me.”

Da Silva was arrested and will soon be transferred for a custody hearing for attempted robbery. The other suspect is believed to have fled the scene.

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