President Donald Trump criticized Democrats on Tuesday for blocking his efforts for tough immigration enforcement.

“The Democrats want to turn America into one big fat sanctuary city for criminal aliens,” Trump said during a rally in West Virginia with a group of supporters.

The crowd booed the Democrats loudly as Trump continued.

“Honestly, they are more protective of the criminal aliens than they are of the people,” he said.

Trump said he was committed to deporting criminal illegal immigrants, but that Democrats wanted to do the opposite. He criticized Democrats for calling for the abolishment of ICE, while ICE officers deported a former Nazi from the United States on Tuesday morning.

Trump also mocked New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo for saying in a speech that America was never great.

“America was never great, that’s the Democrats’ new theme,” he said.

Trump urged his supporters to vote in the 2018 midterm elections to sustain his promise of tough immigration and border enforcement.

“At the beating heart of this election is border security,” he said. “We have to have it.”