It looks like President will return to South Florida to celebrate the holiday at his private club, continuing a family tradition he maintained before moving to the White House.

Flight restrictions associated with a presidential visit in Palm Beach will be in place Nov. 20 to 25, according to an advisory issued by the .

“Pilots can expect airspace restrictions in conjunction with this VIP movement,” the notice said.

Trump has frequented the area for decades. He has dubbed his Mar-a-Lago resort, a National Historic Landmark that he bought in 1985, his winter White House. Trump’s golf course is a mile away in .

The FAA‘s temporary restrictions can affect air traffic into the West Palm Beach airport, which is less than three miles from Mar-a-Lago. The restrictions also virtually shut down flights at smaller nearby airports, such as Palm Beach County‘s Lantana airport, during presidential visits.

Another FAA advisory, also issued Friday, suggests the president will be doing a lot of coming and going from Mar-a-Lago for the next six months.

Pilots were advised to expect airspace restrictions in the vicinity of West Palm Beach due to “VIP movement” from November through June 1, 2019.

Trump’s last weeklong visit to South Florida was in April when at Mar-a-Lago.

Last year, Trump spent Thanksgiving Day addressing and praising the military in a video conference with overseas troops, and visiting local U.S. Coast Guard stations and handing out sandwiches with First Lady Melania Trump.

He also got in a game of golf before dinner was served.

On last year’s menu: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, a variety of baked goods, local produce and cheeses, red snapper and Florida stone crab.

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