China’s newest J-20 stealth fighter makes rare appearance in the sky (VIDEO) Several Chengdu J-20s, the cutting edge of Chinese military aviation, have been spotted in the skies over southern China, where an airshow is scheduled for November.

The four J-20s, moving in two formations of two, made a low pass above the airport in Zhuhai. The undated video was tweeted by the Chinese daily Global Times.

Zhuhai is scheduled to host Airshow China 2018 next month, although the J-20 is not scheduled for an official appearance. Still, some expect it to make a surprise show.

The J-20 fifth-generation fighter is meant to rival the likes of the American F-35 and the Russian Su-57. It has been in service since March 2017, but so far it’s been stealthy in more ways than one. Its first public appearance, at the 2016 Airshow China, was less than a minute long, earning complaints from aviation buffs for its brevity.

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