“The ayes have it.” Or should that be … “the eyes have it”?

In an ostensible effort to help get out large numbers of voters, comedian Chelsea Handler has gone topless, stripping down to a pair of thong panties to broadcast a message about the importance of casting ballots in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The host of “Chelsea Lately,” who has made no secret about her disdain for President Trump, had one hand covering her chest area as she posted video of herself on social media.

“Vote … like your life depends on it,” Handler urged, noting she would be on the campaign trail in California.

“Why is it that leftist women think posing nude is somehow going to promote voter turnout?” wondered radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh on his national program Monday, referring to Handler as “not funny anymore.”

“What have I missed as an American male here?”

Howard Portnoy at noted: “I’m still not clear on the association between losing one’s [clothes] in front of a camera and getting out the vote. Is the message that there will be more if Dems get out and vote their conscience — or less? In any case, how do stunts like this not foster the much-frowned-on objectification of women?”

On Monday, , in which she accused Trump and fellow Republicans are waging a war on women:

“Add in Justice Neil Gorsuch and his drunken Georgetown Prep School friend Brett Kavanaugh to America’s Supremely Corrupted Court to help make America’s abortions back-alley again and the world now has a runaway, right-wing, religious war on women,” Handler wrote.

“Overpopulation is worsening, environmental degradation is accelerating, and mass migration from poor countries to rich countries—including the United States—is booming. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is praying and telling the world to be fruitful and multiply, even as it sends troops to the border to confront a caravan of women and children.

“With a Congress filled with new faces, now’s the time to lobby your (likely Democratic) representative and stop the right-wing attack on women, logic and common sense.”

In late October, Handler demanded major broadcast networks stop airing rallies held by Trump, claiming they were “inciting violence and hatred.”

Her mandate was addressed on Twitter to CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, and came in the wake of bomb threats aimed at Democrats and high-profile left-wing figures.

“It is the responsibility of all our news groups to stop airing Trump’s rallies,” Handler wrote. “These rallies are not news. They are inciting violence and hatred and have nothing to do with the truth or politics. Please take some responsibility and stop airing them.”

In a follow message, Handler claimed Republicans failed to denounce the bomb threats, and suggested it would be “deadly” for anyone to support Trump.

“The silence from Republicans today speaks volumes about how they intend to protect the American people. They will come for you, too,” she said. “They will rip apart our healthcare, rip apart families, and continue to lie, at any cost. To support a president who espouses violence is deadly.”