Bait and switch: Kuwait shop caught selling fish with eyes that aren’t reel (VIDEO) A shop in Kuwait has been shut after it was caught in the midst of a full-scale scam. Pictures posted to social media revealed something a tad fishy… the store was caught sticking googly eyes on fish to try and hook customers.

A video shared on social media by Kuwaiti newspaper Al Bayan showed a woman peeling the eyes off the fish, revealing the less aesthetically pleasing reality underneath. The paper reported that the store had been identified and shut down after the Ministry of Commerce spotted the fishmonger’s sneaky trick.

The googly eye trick failed to fool anyone hook, line, and sinker. Instead, waves of Twitter users shared their delight in the devious plan to make the fish appear fresher. Instead of fooling anyone, the fishy plan achieved cult status on social media, with users turning it into a meme.

Others praised the fishmonger for his failed plan. Others just referred back to the age-old adage: “Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes.”

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